Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The space between these trees


Suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of an almost empty place. A strange place. On a frozen lake, there're violins:

There's also a little house:

a lonely window:

and a lonely door:

The door is open, but it seems to be nothing if you enter. But there it is.

Hi... Anybody out there...?

I really feel small, small, small...

Back to the door... Will I come back to the frozen lake?

It seems not. This is a strange road.

There's a car at the end, with a tree floating in the air.

And the umbrella, acting like a tree.

There're also small objects with a constant in all of them: a tree. That tree.

I just love this place. It's like being inside a dream with the feeling of "how small I am" and wondering what has to do the tree with all of this. Only the author knows, I suppose.

The space between these trees (click to visit)


  1. these photos are most awesomely beautiful!

  2. The place is worth a visit, two, or... lots. By the way, I forgot adding the SLURL, so I'm linking it right here: The space between these trees.

  3. thanks for the slurl :-) it is as awesome as the photos!