Saturday, December 17, 2011

Second Libations - Revisited

As I was telling here, "Second Libations" is the sim exhibition at LEA from Haveit Neox, an artist that I've had the privilege to meet while teaching.

I've had time for a second visit, and now I have more pictures from it! \o/

View from one of the main builds:

Neat effect to make appear a reflection in a mirror as you approach and move:

The siren, reflected:

In the Lybrarinth:

Centaur waiting for us going down the water:

The sirens show you the way:

And under the water, this is what is waiting for you:

This second visit inspired me to write a little story that I sent to Haveit and is now also a part of this exhibit, wow!

Really, don't miss it! December will be gone before we realize, and you'll hate having missed this one!

An interview with Haveit in PrimPerfect

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