Sunday, September 12, 2010

(Finally) Opening the store

It took me half the day (including the time for some -long- interruptions), but I managed to completely rebuild the store. Maybe this happens only to me, but having a temporary build (which I didn't like too much) for the store was actually preventing me from creating more items. I felt the lack of a proper place as blocking. So yesterday in the afternoon I began taking measures, requesting megaprims, creating some sculpted parts, texturing, setting the doors and finally, I finished all the work.

I know. Now it's the turn of filling it with items. But at least, they have a decent place for being shown. Welcome to my store:

Black Tulip

Second floor is for friends. The third one will be used by animations and, possibly, scripts and building tools on my own. The photostudio will, hopefully, open soon.

At least, work soothes the pain from last weeks.

PS: Yes, I've changed the name. Shortened. I value criticism when it's constructive. Thanks.

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