Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Build Off

From time to time there are building competitions at Builders Brewery. This weekend it's been the "Random Build Off", organized by a friend and a good friend of him. There's been four heats. They sent a different sculpted prim to each heat, and people had to build with them... Well, whatever they felt fancy.

Being busy with orders as usual, I've not been able but to, fortunately, see the displays with the end results. It was quite an spectacle to be at the sandbox.

Then one of the builds has caught my attention.

It was a strange woman, almost dramatic, looking herself in the mirror.

What a surprise when I've checked the creator and seen it was also a friend!

Well done! It really provokes a feeling, which is more than just see a build. I've loved it, in all its weirdness.

And of course, thanks Graham and Bethi, for this idea. I can't but imagine how complicated is going to be to choose a winner. Good luck all!

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