Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Challenge and Winners

Thursday 15th, December, I made again a special class for Christmas. This time, it was a challenge and as such was announced:

Everybody is welcome to stay and watch! But...

PREREQUISITES: (Hold your breath!)
  • Building LVL 2
  • Basic Scripting for Builders
  • QAvimator (poses)
  • Sit Target Helper
  • Animated Textures
  • Particles
  • Music!
  • Rokuro & Tokoroten
  • SculptCrafter (the demo will be enough if you don't own a full version)
  • ... and your imagination!

(Students from "Speaking LSL" might have an extra challenge)

Christmas is here! And the naughty elves from North Pole have stolen ALL the supplies from this class! Help Auryn Beorn to recreate all the supplies and remember which were the parameters for her prims!

She only remembers some riddles and is trying to tread a story to recover her memories.

Can you help Auryn in this?
Then join this multidisciplinary class, where you'll learn how to put together all your skills when it comes to develop a real project.

Those who will complete the whole project without assistance and being lag-wise will get a special prize.

The challenge was to build this:

and yes, students had to make everything: the sculpties, the poses, the effects, the scripts (and modify other). Everything.

Students started building the snowglobe. Some sculpted the base, others used regular prims for it.

Then, they started building the log cabin that later had to be sculpted and shrunk, to fit within the snowglobe.

Different tools were used here, from the proposed SculptCrafter to Prim Generator... And even Blender! (first winner used Blender to make it sculpted and still she made the prim version.)

Houses! Many got this done and didn't continue.

Then the fountain, the effects... Last part finally arrived, when students had to create the six poses I was showing.

Few students got to the last part, creating and setting the poses!

It was an exhausting challenge that lasted more than five hours! That's one more reason to be proud of those who endured until the end.

My ISP kicking me for hours from this, 15 minutes before the time was over, didn't prevent that I could evaluate the builds from those who achieved to make it all.

And these are the winners, in order:

eithne Blaylock

(her scripting was minimal and her house is awesome!, only five prims, way to go!)

Elisaveta Vasser

Well done!

I'm very proud of the two of you by having finished it, accomplishing all the goals that were said at class. Low prim, low script, full of details and effects.

Then I've received one more submission, and although the creator didn't meet all the prerequisites, she for sure struggled to do her best with the knowledge she currently has. It's for this reason, for she not giving up and doing her best, why I'm also giving credit to the work from Lita Christenson. Good work!

And, as it was promised, they have received a gift!

I got ready this:

Choose among three poses, and the ballerina will mirror you.

I think I might continue working in this item, adding more poses to it, in the future. This one won't be for sale: it's an exclusive gift for my students, able of finishing the whole challenge, or struggling to do their best with the knowledge they have. Thank you for having made this possible.

And now they want more challenges! This can be FUN!

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