Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why RP doesn't belong to business

SL is sure a big place, and in it, you can roleplay as many roles as you wish to try. But when it comes to business, RP should be set aside. Business belongs to "being serious for we want our purchases working."

I bet that no roleplayer would accept as a valid reply from me "your purchase may very well roleplay that it is not giving issues to you" when they need my help. Then why don't they do the first step, and talk to me as a merchant, instead of talking to me as someone involved in their RP? (To begin with... why they assume that I want to be involved in such RP?)

Otherwise, things like this happens:

I get an IM saying (literally, and only that):

tan ewe helps me

I was AFK when this IM came. I've been back five hours after. I read it and understand nothing, but feel happy that whoever Tan Ewe is, is helping the person that IM'd me. Good boy, Tan Ewe! I open the profile of the person IM'ing me, see no groups in common, and wonder how the heck my profile has been accessible, but the "wrong window" explanation still explains this. I close the IM window and continue reviewing what else happened when I've been AFK.

But then I begin reviewing the transaction records, and I find out that this person has bought one of my scripts!

I open the profile of the person IM'ing me again, paying attention this time to what all the groups (and profile picture) are about, see lots of child things related, and everything falls into place.

"tan ewe helps me" meant "Can you help me?"

And now you know why RP doesn't belong to business.


  1. I usually go to a purple cow for help, but I suppose that a tan ewe will do in a pinch ;)

  2. When I start accepting toy blocks and barbie dolls as payment then they can role play with me on business matters all they want, until then it is still a business.