Monday, October 15, 2012

A little bit of naive fun

I've been alone during the weekend and, of course, the fun happens when I'm the only one around to see it. I've even had a dedicated griefer! I feel so flattered for all the attention. Thank you! (I have to add, though, that all my offlines go to my e-mail, so your attempt to make me lose messages by capping has been a failure, but please do keep trying!)

So, while others were obviously very, very bored, I've been busy in working in advance for the next weekend, and I've also had some time for a little bit of silly, naive fun. I know that many will not find it amusing at all, but now it's raining on the store's sim. And randomly, there are thunders and lightnings.

"WTH Auryn, and you talk about others being bored?"

Bored? It is months since I wanted to do this.

Don't forget your umbrella if you stop by and visit. The Autumn has come to "Black Tulip"!

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