Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's too late

I have observed, in my very limited experience in life, that the reason why often relationships fall apart (whether these are lovers, friends, family, colleages...) isn't because of the things that have been said, but because of all that's been left unsaid. (Then, there are people that are just nuts, but that would be apart... perhaps.)

This is sad, specially given the fact that we have many tools at our disposal to get our messages through. In the era of Communication, we don't say what we really want to say. It was by reading the Single Frame Stories challenge prompt, delayed, that, although late to make it into the gallery, I still felt a short story building, related to the importance of leaving things unsaid.

Yesterday I posted the test pictures on my SL feed, and today I've spent some time working on them, adding a bit more to the text. I hope you like them.

It's too late

« Soon in my life I understood I had been a mistake.
» I tried hard to be loved.
» I walked like a shadow so I would not be a bother. »

« I only wanted to be a little girl
» and daydream in my naive inner world. »

« But I had to renounce to dreaming,
» so that I would be the dream of the life you never had.
» You know that I worked hard. »

« I did everything you wanted.
» I even locked myself in the cage you built for my mind. »

« And now, after twenty years of abandonment... You say you're proud of me?
» It's too late, father. »

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  1. I love this and I fully understand the message. Great shots.

  2. Thanks, Pallina... One would wish that "it's too late" never happens.