Monday, January 27, 2014

Surreal Complex: Dreams

There's an event starting February first called Surreal Complex. It offered three categories to choose among, and I decided to apply for "Dreams". In the word dreaming I found the idea of what to do: a photo prop per letter, each letter starting a word or short phrase, related to what dreaming means.

Work is now about 75% done. I have to complete the models of a couple of props, finish the textures, ads, and then it's all ready to go. The event will open February 1st, at the same time that the Tainted Love Hunt.

Sneak peak of the two first letters:

«Daydreaming. Paint a world of hopes, people and places where you want to be.»

«Resolve elusive problems. At times, our mind may surprise us by solving a problem within our dreams. Learn to read your own signs.»

The rest of letters, Saturday the latest :o)

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