Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Who am I?"

I can't put in words how much fun I'm having with mesh heads. At times I wear them, at times not. At times I wear one brand, at time another one. This or that applier. With or without mesh head, it's me the whole time. And I'm just realizing how helpful they can be to create stories and let me be one of my many faces.

Composing the following scene was complicated with my old computer. It took me four crashes until I managed to edit everything around as I wanted. The downside to mesh heads (and bodies - and super hi-res furniture) is the render effort on our graphics cards. Mine suffers quite noticeably. Something that added to the complexity of preparing the scene (to me) is the fact that one of the heads showing on the picture, Stella, would derezz itself as soon as I tried to rez it. This forced me to prepare all the lighting without the head on the scene, disable scripts in all region, then rez it, check if it was fine, enable scripts, have the head derezzing, tweak lights, disable scripts again in all region, rez again the head... I will keep to myself what I think about mesh body parts derezzing themselves when not worn. (It's sailor speech and I try to stay a lady.)

But after four crashes and having nearly 500 LI rezzed for this scene (haven't counted yet), I like the result. This picture is inspired in a disturbing scene from the Return to Oz movie: the scene of the heads locked in shelves, for the witch Mombi to select which one to wear.

Why so scared, girl? Today is your big day...

So, who am I? Am I my default avatar head? Am I Stella? Annie? Chloe? Ever? Lilith? Aria? The Doll?

I'm all of them as long as in them, I have stories to tell.

Have a great Sunday :-)

Little update: The scene "weighs" a total of LI 922. Ooooops! (And that's not counting what I was wearing on my avatar.)

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