Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Enchantment will open in a few days, and this round's theme is Neverland. While I love fantasy and telling stories, I confess I would not like to stay forever a kid like Peter Pan. There are other ways to fly, and other ways to reach magical places.

IMAGE: Flying to Neverland, in Flickr

In fact, despite I miss all the energy I had when I was twenty years old, no way I would ever want to be back to that age again. Not even with my current knowledge of people. I would be the most bitter twenty year old in that case, while now I can enjoy of simply being cynical. True, I don't like all things that being an adult implies, but then, who does?

Those thoughts made me think what if instead of Peter Pan, is Tinker Bell the one growing up?

I know that Tinker Bell is represented like an adult fairy, but there's growing up, and there's growing up. Since my mind at times wanders to that other adult land, I wanted to create a sexy fairy, yet not too sexy and undressed, for this is still a fairy tale and you know the thing about fairy tales. Kids are looking and nobody has taught their parents yet that their kids are not stupid.

IMAGE: When the fairy grew up #1, in Flickr

I've done two pose sets for When the Fairy grew up. The first one is all standing poses, the second one is sitting on the ground poses. And every time I create a sit-on-the-ground kind of pose, I wonder why do I hate myself so much, and I also wonder if that explains why I don't see so often sit-on-the-ground kind of poses.

IMAGE: When the fairy grew up #2, in Flickr

If you wonder why I say that, I can only suggest you trying to create one of those poses. Any other thing I say cannot show the problems as clearly as trying to making it on your own. Still, I know that there will be more sit-on-the-ground poses in my future. Because, stubborn.

Have a great day :-)

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