Saturday, February 13, 2016

Not on hiatus

I know I haven't posted anything new in a couple of months. Things happened, then life happened. Then life happened again (funeral included). Then there was some more of life, then sick for a month (I think. I lost count of the weeks. I'm not out of it yet.) While sick, also, life, life, life.

Yoga poses - Coming for Lazy Sunday

I haven't given up on writing. I'm just trying to work in the website engine as that life thing lets me, preparing for a big move (the store page and this blog will no longer live at Blogger). Trust me, I miss this space, particularly with so much going on (in life and in my mind).

Yes, I've said work in the website engine. I'm designing the database and programming the content management system that will let me publish new content, with widgets and everything. Why, since I could use something from the available systems? Because I'm wired this way, and if I'm moving to a non free place, I want things done in a certain way. Which means, I have to do it myself. It would seem that I like to get in trouble, since this is a lot of work! But I'm liking to do this work, the kind of work I used to do years ago, before other things happened.

I'll let know when all is ready and the new website is available. See you soon :-)

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