Friday, May 20, 2016

Getting there!

The website is reaching to the live stage: I've involved my business partner in the creation of a vendor system for the store and that aside, I'm close to finishing the engine that will hold everything together. I could talk about all the boring details of what I've done and what is left to do, but I understand that's something only I get excited about and I will spare the pain to all of you. Don't worry though: I will likely bore you with all the details once I'm done.

May is being a quiet month, which has helped a lot in moving forward as I needed. No flooding, no fires. The grass is green and the weeds haven't spread as they used to thanks to the work I did last year. My foot recovers and I can finally walk on two feet (I know, I didn't mention about my foot.) The Hibiscus is blossoming. My cats are healthy. My business partner hasn't killed me yet. Ansel hasn't killed me yet (but I do hear how his eyes roll at me). My days are bright even with the problems *looks at her foot* and there's a lot I'm grateful for.

I have some hope in that I will write more than I used to when the move is done. I've found an organizing method that seems to be clicking with the way I work and is bringing some order into chaos, but I won't preach the gospel until I'm at least one month (or maybe three months) into it because I'm known for not following organizing methods.

Today I'm taking a little (scheduled) break from the website by creating a new poses set for Lazy Sunday, The Widow.

Cheesus, Auryn, you always so *coughs* cheerful.

I know! I need to bring some darkness into all these bright days for balance or I could turn into a unicorn, and I don't want to be a unicorn. I want to be me, with my lights and my shadows.

Have a great day and see you soon, hopefully, at the new place :-)

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