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Building Essentials



I have also decided to list under this page a couple of articles with general knowledge and facts that we all should be aware, specifics to SL but also more Internet-related, to defend ourselves against scammers. These articles are also sent to some groups often as inworld notecard. Please, share these links as well as the notecards if you receive them. Thank you :-)

I taught in the same school in SL for more than two years (June 2010 to September 2012). During that time, I wrote more than 150 different classes about a variety of topics: building (from basic to advanced), scripting (from basic to advanced), special effects (particles, animated textures), animation (avatars, with QAvimator, and prims), building tools (SculptCrafter, Prim Generator, Puppeteer, MLP...), GIMP, tips, tricks and many other assorted topics (lag, HUDs, AO's, permissions, explaining scripts for builders to change them, Pathfinder...)

Some of those classes have been intensely reworked and turned into books. For a long time, I've also wanted to polish and update the text of several classes that are essential to any creator. Because they are essential, I have decided that I will be publishing them here, in this website.

I've compiled a list of some topics with the tutorials I will be adding. This doesn't mean the list is closed to those topics only. I'll add more material in the future, so keep checking back :-)

I hope you will find these pages useful, and my apologies in advance for my terrible sense of humor and for my verbosity. I still wonder how my students could put up with me at class, at times, more than four hours in a row!

I still continue teaching, only to a small group of people... because I enjoy it, and because they let me :o) - One should never stop learning. This means, among other things, rest assured, for the list of topics will grow :-)

I currently teach Blender, since May 2013. The result of those classes is compiled and explained in even more detail, in the series of books I'm writing.

PS: Whether tutorials are free or not, creator's rights always apply. You're free to share the links, of course, but authorization to reproduce/translate the material of these pages, specially if you plan to teach it, is subject to my explicit "yes". Copy, paste, and changing words to make it look like yours isn't acceptable either. (I wish I lived in a world where I didn't need to say this :-( )

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  1. Thanks for the awesome tutorials :) (Phenex in SL)