Sunday, February 9, 2014

Creator Resource - Moving our Blender settings to a newer version

Blender is a program with frequent updates, and every two months (approximately) there's a new version out. If there's something that any Blender user has clear, is that having to set again all the preferences is an unpleasant job. Fortunately, we don't have to set them again each time we update.

Suppose for example that we're working with Blender 2.67 and we want to update to Blender 2.69. First we have to do is downloading the latest version from here: and install it. We can install this in a different folder than the 2.67 version, and have both versions in our computer, if we so wish.

Next to do is looking where our configuration Blender folder exists in our computer, and copy the following files within the 2.67 folder into the corresponding 2.69 folder:


The configuration folder location depends on the operating system we are using. In Linux, this is:


We need to show hidden files for this. versionNumber obviously refers to the current version we have been using (for example, 2.67).

How about the location of this folder in other operating systems?

According to the following link in the Blender wiki, we can find it here:

MacOS (you'll need to show hidden files for this):
/Users/$user/Library/Application Support/Blender/'Version Number'/config/

Windows 7 and Windows Vista:
C:\Users\$user\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\'Version Number'\config\

And that's it. You should be able of painlessly moving your existent preferences, and continue working with the most current Blender version as you were used to :-)

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