Thursday, February 28, 2013

Delusion (Twisted Hunt - Delirium)

Waiting for the sim to be upgraded, and fearing that it would happen coinciding with Twisted Hunt, I decided not to join this time, although the topic was, again, something tickling my imagination, in a fashion like I already explained when the Tainted Love Hunt was about to begin.

As my mother said at times, I don't know why I have a couple of operative braincells (one alone during the weekend), since I didn't think on the obvious: ask the organizers and explain to them about the situation. I assumed, without asking them, that it would be much of a bother in such a huge hunt, having to update landmark, landing point, and perhaps hearing from confused hunters because I could be terraforming at the current landing point.

I assumed wrong. One of them got in touch with me, and after explaining what was about to happen and my reasons, she made me feel confident that it wouldn't be that much hassle I had thought. And so, I applied and was accepted.

Now, "Delusion" is about to be completed, and it is again a work of love. While I finish the last animations and textures, I smile, because I've made it again: using SL to build a story. Not a long story, I know, but this time I've even gotten one step further than for Tainted. This time you can read the story on the HUD, and you can also live it, through three acts that you can select from a menu.

I have no images to show yet, I'll update this when I'm done.

So this time, you will get a HUD with the story, and a room. A room that rezzes upon choice one from the three acts that compose the story, and only when you "sit" to do what in the story you would do, then all the rest happens, in a vanishing-appearing-screaming little show that I hope you will enjoy.

Same as I said for Tainted, if I had been given the talent of composing music, I would have added some. But since I don't have such talent, I'll link again some songs from the "Silent Hill" video game series that fit with the story:

The hunt begins March 1st. Have fun!
(Remember that this is Twisted! Don't expect it will be easy to find the gift!)

PS: And of course, the sim was upgraded with the hunt about to start. Please bear with me and all the changes =)

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