Saturday, March 2, 2013


I was explaining here, a couple of days ago, about "Delusion", the gift I've built for the Twisted Hunt edition called "Delirium". We can read on their website an explanation of the theme:

a journey into confusion, an exploration of derangement, an expedition into hallucination and hysteria, and the insanity that goes with it...

It's not required that the gift follows it, but it's recommended.

Now, I don't sell clothes. I don't sell furniture (ok, I did for a little time, but with all the changes, I had to give up temporarily, I will bring it back in the next weeks). I don't sell skins, tattoos... I don't sell anything that the majority of SL could be interested into.

But I sell scripts, I like to write, I'm gaining more experience in creating textures, animations, etc, and as I explained here... a hunt is also a great chance to use it as a literary workshop.

So what's my gift?

A story that you can live :-)

You get two items: one HUD, containing the story behind "Delusion" for you to read it, and better know what will happen, and a room that you can rez.

As you rez the room, you see this:

I know, I hear you. "An empty room? Are you kidding?"

Put your earphones on and raise the volume, because you will miss details if you don't hear the sounds. Click on the floor. Select the act #1 from the menu. Have you skipped a heartbeat? Good.

A desk begins to show. It's waiting for you to sit.

I know, now this begins to look like scary :-)

The story moves on a sequence of vanishing/appearing items, distributed along three acts, intercalating some sounds that help to create the atmosphere.

The final act tells you the truth of what's happening.

I know, this is not a masterpiece. Remember: it's a hunt gift. It does not mean that's the reason why it's not better. It means that I have worked on this under a very tight time constraint (and I've made all of the supplies, which takes quite some time.) So, if you don't like the gift or think "meh", feel free to trash it. It was L$0 anyway :-)

If you like it, you now understand better what I'm going after in SL. "Your world, your imagination". My imagination is a dark place, and I feel I have now more tools to express it. To me, this has been like building a very short movie. And I have loved every moment of it.

There's a rezzed copy on the sim. Feel free to play with it. And if you're into the box insanity that the Twisted Hunt is, move your mouse around, because some boxes have poses and you can sit on them. Have fun :-)

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