Saturday, February 1, 2014

Who is my future Love?

The Tainted Love Hunt is here again, and RL gave me time enough to participate (sort of). Like I said a year ago, because of the 2013 edition of the hunt, I should understand a hunt not as a marketing tool, but as a "literary workshop" of sorts. This year I haven't had the time to develop a deeper story like I did the previous year. Still, I've been able of putting together two things my mind likes to work with, within the realms of imagination.

One is my taste for doll houses and antique furniture. I am even building my own (RL) doll house, and have some furniture. For this hunt, I made my own version of the vanity of the house, coming up with this:

Who was going to tell me a year ago that I would be able of modelling this? People label you as a scripter, and it seems you'll never be able of doing something else. But I did. And I don't care if it doesn't sound modest, but I love how that vanity came out.

Then, an unscripted piece of furniture is... well, a bit boring. So I made an animation for sitting, and then a script for the vanity itself. There's where the other thing my mind likes to play with, came into play.

This hunt is not about the "I love you", "No I love you more" that could provoke you severe diabetes as Valentines is close. It's about tainted love. Darkness. And if you've been following my SL feed, by now you sure know that my imagination is attracted toward this. (I made an archive in this blog that you can check.)

So yes, you have to expect some darkness. When you click the vanity and ask it who is your future love, it will tell you a story that will show you who is that love. I didn't have much time for a long story, as I did last year, but still, I hope you'll like the result.

Enjoy :-)

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