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Twisted Hunt: The side hunt, explained

When I applied for Twisted Hunt, I requested a sponsor place, if possible. This is not a hunt I participate in because of the possible sales, but because I like it. I'm a fan of the dark side if you will (only imagination-wise). When I requested this sponsor place, I committed to preparing a side hunt. It was fun preparing it, and I hope people had fun too while trying to decipher the clues.

These were the rules included in the notecard that explained how the side hunt worked:
  • The twisted statues in the store have the clues
  • Each statue asks you a question and gives you several possible options as answers, showing from a menu
  • When you choose an option, then the statue gives you a clue
  • This clue could be a good clue, or not - Only one answer is the right answer, per statue
  • When you obtain the right clue, this clue tells you which statue to ask next
  • When you have all the right clues, the answers you gave in the menu, written in order, lead you directly to the gift

Something very important that was highlighted in the notecard is that the order is relevant, so the hunter had to know which was the first statue to begin with!

There was a starting clue, also in the notecard:

«Everything begins at the beginning, and this is no exception. Beginnings at times show you the world upside down and may look like the end. It's all a matter of perspective. However, beginnings always have a distinctive mark. A good explorer will find it.»

and from there, the rest was on them.

In order to prepare this clues game, the first thing I had to do was to decide where to hide the object, and make a point in not moving it during the whole month, because all the clues were written to lead to that point. Once that was decided, then I started writing the questions the statues would make to you, the choices they would offer to you, and the clues you would obtain upon selecting a choice.

Definition: A Twisted statue is a statue textured in the twisted tiles texture (except the hair). There are other statues in the store, so this way, I hoped to make clear which ones were involved in the hunt.

The starting clue referred to the Twisted statue located at the store entrance. All the statues had a script named the same, except that one: that's the distinctive mark the clue was talking about.

From there, you should go to said statue, click, and the statue would say:

«I've always wanted to build a house. If you were to build a house, what would be the most important part to you?»

the choices being:
  • Ground Floor
  • Blueprint
  • Basement
  • Roof
  • Walls
The right answer here was "Ground Floor", which was kind of obvious in this case. When selecting this one, the statue replied:

«Well founded grounds! And concrete, lots of it, yes? I wonder where I could find some. Would you help me find it?»

The statue was referring to the column group gift, which had a concrete texture applied. The closest statue was the one to ask next. This next statue asked:

«Left is right and right is left. It all depends which side of the mirror you are at. If you were in front of a mirror, which side is left?»

the choices being:
  • Right
  • Left
  • Huh?
  • Front
  • Back
The right answer here was "Left". Anybody that knows me, knows that I'm left-right challenged, meaning, I have issues with knowing what is left or right. If I'm left to decide left/right, I will decide left because to me, it's a 50% chance (which makes for a lot of fun when I go out and have to ask where a place is). When selecting this answer, the statue replied:

«He is in the left side in the picture. How did you know? Oh wait, I've confused myself again. The picture, you say? I think it's upstairs... but I didn't tell!»

It was referring to an ad of a couples animation, where the guy is showing to the left. The closest statue to it was the one to ask next, and so it would say:

«You can find it every day. It will accompany you in your worst moments. It will make powerful the smaller of the lights.»

the choices being:
  • Plugs
  • Darkness
  • The night
  • Friends
  • Candles
The right answer here is "Darkness". "The night" happens only some hours a day, while you can find darkness any time of the day. When choosing this answer, the statue said:

«Perhaps she was right. I hear you can find her next to one display, but I don't know which one. Let your instinct be your lead.»

This was referring to a display in the store, showing the promotional picture of the hunt. The closest statue to it was the one to ask next, and then the statue would ask:

«These statues are all a bunch of whiny creatures. But I'm tired of using always the same word to refer to them. Could you please suggest something to me?»

the choices being:
  • Complainers
  • Dramaqueens
  • Weeping
  • Crying
  • OhWhyMe
The right answer here is "Weeping". Knowing me, one would have chosen "Dramaqueens", or "OhWhyMe" instead. I could not use those ones because they weren't related to the location of the gift, so my clue was instead to know how to decide to discard them, and go for "Weeping", which sounds like something I would say too. How to decide? One can find the criteria in the hidden clues section :-).

So, when choosing "Weeping", the statue said:

«One of them is specially noisy about. I would stuff her into the piano.»

This leads us to the statue that is closest to the only piano in the store, last stop in this clues game, which asks:

«"In the darkest night, I feel you, [BLANK] presence that fills the room, looking at me, waiting for my rest." What do you like best to fill that blank? It's for a survey. All legal, I swear!»

the choices being:
  • Angelical
  • Light
  • Evil
  • Ominous
  • Satirical
The right answer here is "Ominous". One would have known by discarding all of the other answers, according to the first criterion in the hidden clues section. And so the final answer from the statue is:

«"In me you have found the end of the lead." Meh, that doesn't make sense.»

That is telling you, you've reached to the end, and now it's time to write down, in order, the buttons you clicked when selecting the answer:

Ground Floor, Left, Darkness, Weeping, Ominous.

So the gift was hidden on the ground floor, left side of the store, Darkness section (where everything for Woeful Wednesday is released), between the Weeping streetlight and the Ominous presence couch.

Hidden clues that were noted nowhere

These were a couple of extra clues to help, but learning those clues was part of the fun of the whole game. I wanted them to be the "Easter Egg" that you find in a game and that tells you extra details.

Hidden Clue 1

If any statue was giving you an answer that numbered the statues somehow, that answer should be dismissed. All those answers were false clues.

Hidden Clue 2

The right answers were showing in the menu following a specific order. The order the answers were placed on the menus wasn't a coincidence either. I wondered if anybody would find the code, but nobody did. The way LSL orders the buttons on the menu made it difficult to spot.

Answer #1: Index 0
Answer #2: Index 1
Answer #3: Index 1
Answer #4: Index 2
Answer #5: Index 3

Lists have indexes for their items beginning in 0, so one can see that the right answers were following a Fibonacci sequence.

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