Monday, June 2, 2014

"I didn't do it"

I think I've mentioned at least once that when something is happening to me, I'm not too up to talk about it. I start vanishing from everywhere, I stop writing, I push close people away from me... I simply shut down. That time is here again. Well, actually, that time arrived about two months ago. What happened? It doesn't matter.

In trying to find the way back to normality, I forced myself to resume with my daily walks. Yesterday I did, with the camera. I photographed many things. The tears from a burned forest, the amazing sight of the whole region, from the sea to the windmills, that can be enjoyed just by walking fifteen minutes uphill. And when I was arriving back home, I captured a moment that is still making me laugh.

"I didn't do it."

"I didn't do it", in Flickr

I will let each of you to invent your own story for this shot :-)


  1. OMG!!! Is, was that SUS????!!!

    1. laughs (I'll ask the dog next time I see it :o) )

    2. I don't think so, Derek. I doubt that even the hungriest of dogs would want to eat something that bitter.