Monday, June 30, 2014

Keep your inventory under control (Part 4)

This article was published in Fusion Magazine, June 2014. Click for the magazine!

Greetings everybody! In the previous article, we went through a lot of information and tips in order to help us when packing our inventory. Then it was mentioned that in this one we would talk about several ideas to delete items that have already been packed. So, let's go for it.

The first idea is quite immediate: If you have packed an outfit that contains mesh clothes, and you don't plan on changing your shape often, then keep only your size and delete the rest. In the event you do change your shape, you can always rez the packed object, look for the outfit (here is where having used descriptions, as previously suggested, helps!), and extract a new copy of the size you need now.

Continuing with this, we can go a bit further. Many fatpacks contain a box with each color, that we have to unpack one at a time. Those fatpacks will contain a copy of the alpha layers with each color. We don't need to keep a copy of the alpha layer for every color. We can just arrange our fatpack as the image shows.

In the event all items have the same name regardless of color, the picture shows how we can help ourselves organize our fatpack anyway.

The same can be said for other items that are often contained in each color of a fatpack: landmarks, notecards, textures with the ad/photo of the product. Keep just one for the whole fatpack and only if you really need it. As for the landmarks, we don't even need one per fatpack copy. We just need one landmark per store.

Since we're on the topic, did you know that you can embed landmarks into a notecard?

Notecards aren't the safest way of storing items, but for landmarks, they are good enough. So we can categorize our landmarks, for example, using two notecards (e.g., Places to visit and then Stores), and then hit enter to create new lines, and start dragging and dropping landmarks from our inventory to the notecard. We can of course write down headers to sort our landmarks within the notecard, and finally save it.

Once the notecard is saved, we can delete the landmarks from our inventory. As a final step, to begin decreasing the number of items in inventory, we should purge the trash. But before purging trash, make sure there's nothing valuable in there! If you purge trash and remove something by mistake, LL will not be able to recover it for you.

This last item is not related to sorting notecards, but it's also worth mentioning: Recently, embedding calling cards into notecards was also enabled. We still cannot store calling cards in boxes (the reason is technical), but we can save them in notecards and remove those we don't need.

We'll leave it here for now and continue in the next issue. Well done so far!

Enjoy your SL.

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