Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I love driving. When out of cities/villages, it's the only time I allow myself to raise the music's volume and sing for hundreds of km (I spare from that torture to possible passengers I could be carrying with me, though.) I love seeing the landscapes, and at times I can also see wonderful yet rare events like the red Moon yesterday.

When driving, I think a lot. Often I wish I carried something that recorded and typed my thoughts, to later develop on them. Particularly when I think of new things to create, since I've forgotten all of them by the time I'm back home.

At times, I can't help thinking of comparisons between driving and life itself. Yesterday was no different, and so my mind started, Life is like driving; everybody knows how to speed up in the straight long roads, but just so few know how to take curves. Then it went for Life is like driving; so many people paying attention to their cell phones while missing on the landscapes. Then I had an image in my mind of white bubbled-shaped sort of humans all carrying phones. Then the image continued with a flying bird over them, like the one that shows in some anime, right before everybody sweats that big drop, cracks struck by a lightning and falls to the floor.

And then is when I thought "and this is why you will never be taken seriously."

Ah well. Have a good day :-)

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