Monday, August 18, 2014

The Art of Translation

I think I have been lucky because of living in a bilingual region since I'm three years old. I was nine when English classes were added in school, so by that time, I was already used to speaking two languages. A third one meant to me "the more, the merrier". (Actually, I was quite eager to learn English, but the reasons do not belong here.)

Learning other languages may expand your world, even if you never get to travel. As a programmer, learning languages is part of my routine. But before I get too serious, I would like to say that learning English (or any other language) is also important because it allows you to appreciate the job of a good translator. It makes you value the care taken in the choice of words, the nuances expressed, the color, the lushness of that rich jungle that is a well constructed paragraph.

I have a list of favorite translations from English to Spanish. It is actually a short list, with just one entry. Today, the unexpected happened and a second entry has been added, to share the glory:

This translation really deserves a place in my heart, close to the previously unique entry: "El menĂº de la bota que carga" for "Loading boot menu".

Traduttore traditore? ¡Traduttore los cojones!

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