Thursday, October 23, 2014

The German button

It may be seventeen years ago when I first heard of a surreal joke:

«There was a switch on my house that seemed to do nothing. Every day I would turn it on and off, on and off, in hopes that something would happen, a light would turn on... Nothing. Nothing would ever happen. Then one day, a woman called, from Germany. She just said "STOP IT!"»

Ever since then, when I find a switch that does nothing, I say "oh look, here we have another German button!"

Today I had that same feeling when I was researching about what a button in Blender does, because its behaviour seemed quite random to me (as in, at times it didn't seem to do a thing at all). The official wiki points to a page where the button isn't named at all. Google only refers to somebody complaining that once there was a correct link, but then changed (the person could have put the correct link!)

Finally, with some more experimentation (and by accident), I found out when exactly the button works at all, but since before that, it's been baptized too as "yet another German button".

So from now on, if you ever hear me say "that's a German button", now you know what I'm talking about :-)

To click or not to click, in Flickr.


Hair: Never, from Magika
Clothes: My preppy sweater (wine) and skirt (black), from [monso]
Shoes: Penny boots, from JD
Skin: Lulu (Jamaica), from Glam Affair
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands (relaxed, both), from Slink
Panties: Nevermind, okay?

Build: Benthlem Asylum, from Pandemonium
(Yes, there's an asylum at my builder platform. Any questions?)
Wall lights are not in the build (Those are mine, same with the light script.)

Pose: Forest Day #1, from Black Tulip (Yep! Shameless self promotion.)


I'm not a fashion blogger, I'm always the last person in SL buying "the newest shiny" (when it's new no more). But I thought I could give credits from time to time.

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