Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Snow Dancer

When I was a little girl, I wanted to take ballet classes (I suppose that as many other little girls.) Ballet classes were out of my reach, though, like many other things in my early years, and I grew up wondering if I could have made it, and how my life would have been in that case. Although, knowing of my natural talent to stumble against anything, I would have probably ended up in the hospital very soon. My natural clumsiness doesn't take off me anyway the wish of having made it. When I was old enough to save some money that I could have used to pay for those classes... I was too old to start.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Kinnaird. She asked me if maybe I could contribute with something for the Bay City Tree Lighting Auction that would be happening soon, and I was quick saying "Sure! Count me in!" At that moment, I was also trying to decide what I would be making for the next round of The Liaison Collaborative, which had as theme "Snowfall", and the so familiar music started to play in my mind:

Christmas means many things for different people. One of the things that Christmas means to me is ballet. If you've grown up listening to classics like Tchaikovsky and watching every ballet special on TV those days, then you know what I mean. That lead me to create the "En Pointe" pose, which was sold at the auction:

Creating that pose was like opening Pandora's Box. After it, fifteen other single poses came, two couple ones, and if there haven't been more is because I have other deadlines to meet. And it felt good... For one time, it was me, the one inside a ballerina dress, spreading her arms like wings, closing her eyes and meeting a long time dream.

"I'm too old. I will never be a ballerina."
Then he smiled and said:
"It's in your name. Do what you wish. In this world, you have wings if you will."
And so I spread my arms, creating my dream.

After this, another very popular composition started playing in my mind (click here for music only, better quality):

I really had to stop, or I wouldn't have finished anything else. So I made two couple poses, with a message that, of course, reached destination:

"He taught me to fly. In his arms, I can close my eyes."

And I'm leaving it here, before I ruin my reputation. Have a great day :-)

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