Thursday, January 8, 2015

SL Yearbook Smile Challenge

The New Year is here, and it seems that Strawberry Singh will be back to her Monday memes, as she explains in her post. So, what is the topic this time, and why I've decided to jump in? Let's read the directions:

Meme instructions: Share an image of your Second Life avatar smiling for a yearbook photo.

When I was a teenager, there wasn't such a thing as yearbooks in Spain. Although I've played a lot being a school girl in SL (shush!), I couldn't make my mind for this one. I'm not sure if I ever smiled while at high school, and had there been such a thing as a yearbook in Spain, I would have likely not shown up for the photo shoot. For many reasons, the only one I want to share being, because I don't like that people take photos of me in RL. Take from that whatever you prefer, and if you prefer to think that because she's so ugly she would make the camera lenses to commit suicide, then so be it.

The only way I've found to deal with pain (and only temporarily) is to stick my tongue out at it, so although I know I haven't followed the meme rules, I want this to be my "Yearbook smile" photo:

Did you smile when seeing it?
Have a great day :-)

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