Saturday, March 21, 2015


The story of my life isn't but the story of the stories I choose to remember, imagine, reinvent, and tell. Some of them get better and more detailed as time goes by. Others, richer in pain, gloomier and darker. Others cease to exist as I no longer feel interest for them. And others have a special place in my heart, because I was never able to remove the knife.

"I mourn my mother. I mourn my other mother. I mourn so many people that are still alive. When did my life turn into a cemetery of living dead?"

This story is also published in The Night Corner

No outfit credits this time. I logged off before thinking of writing that down. From the top of my head, I'm wearing Coco's Doll, hair is from Truth (Felicity?), the corset is from Zenith, the headdress from Baiastice, the necklace from Maxi Gossamer, the wings are from Remarkable Oblivion, and the Spider from DRD (which I can't remember what brand is.) Oh, and the pose is mine, from the Dark Valentine set.


Mesh body: Coco Doll (Bandage & Cut), from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)
Mesh hands: Coco Doll, Hands (1), from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)
Mesh ears: Coco Doll, Ears (Human), from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)
Mesh head: Coco Doll, Head 002A, from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)
Mesh eyes: Coco Doll, Eyes 002 (Blue), from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)

Hair: Felicity, Reds, from Truth
Corset: Orianna Lace Dress, Black (Coco Doll Size), from Zenith
Headpiece: Dahlia hat, black, from Baiastice
Necklace: Misha Dark Fairy, Chocker, from Maxi Gossamer
Spider: Spider face, from DRD (Death Row Designs)
Wings: Eternity Wings, Carnal, from Remarkable Oblivion

Poses: Dark Valentine #2 - Mirror, Dark Valentine set, Black Tulip (mine)

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