Friday, April 24, 2015

How to keep a secret

Something I like from interacting with people is when they tell me secrets. A secret may be something quite private they don't want to share with the majority, something about another person while they clear their minds about the situation... It's something they need to talk about, bring it out of their chests, try to clear their own thoughts. I like when people trust me to that point. Who wouldn't like it, right?

When someone trusts you with a secret, they do because they expect you will keep it. And this could seem the difficult part. How do you keep a secret?

Simple: Do not talk about it, with anyone.

Well heck, you can feel proud with that Captain Obvious response, Ms. Beorn!

If you think about it, it may not be that obvious.

Suppose person A tells me something about how they feel after person B did something. Suppose I know person B. Suppose that person B also talks to me about how they feel after what happened with person A. You have to be able to listen to both of them, and talk to them, as if you knew absolutely nothing of what each one of them told you.

Suppose there's person C, which you know, and also A and B do. Suppose that person C is concerned about the situation between A and B and wants to talk to you about. Will you be revealing what you know from each side, just so person C is relieved? Personally, I would not do that. Because A and B confided me with their secrets. If C is concerned about A and B, C should talk about that with A and B. I cannot and will not reveal what was trusted to me.

Keep in mind that many secrets are told when the person is still trying to clear their mind, their feelings. Maybe they're trying to explain the guilt they feel for something they did. If you tell those secrets, that might be used against the person that told you. Is that a situation you'd like to cause?

Suppose that the secret is related to a crime they've committed. What do you do? Or if they tell you that they're dying, and don't want it to be known at the time.

Well there she goes again, Ms. Smartass-Always-Looking-For-The-Twisted-Situation with no easy answer, I can hear you think.

Suppose that I tell you a secret. Would you tell it to your partner? Your best friend?

Obvious, my response, but not so obvious in the end.

Which secrets am I keeping, you ask? None, why? :-)

Have a great day!


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