Sunday, May 19, 2013

Advertisements. Is everything allowed?

Normally, I don't pay attention to advertisements. When I need something, I look for it, and meanwhile, I'm almost blind to the banners that populate web pages. But when an advertisement is repeated over and over, it surpasses my blindfold threshold, and I eventually turn an eye to it. Which doesn't mean I'm going to consider it anyway.

And so this morning I've realized about this one:

Perhaps I'm more naive than what I suspected, but I thought that mocking your competence in an advertisement is just cheap, to say the least. I thought that vendor system was good... The creator has no confidence on it as to praise its advantages? That's why he needs to mock the competence? Or is it a new trend I'm not aware of?

If it's the last case, perhaps I should start writing my own slogans now.

"Ghosts are Scary. Just sayin'."

"Even the cutest ghost will make you cry at midnight. Just sayin'."

"Ghosts lose data through their immaterial hands. Just sayin'."



  1. Meh, advertising relies on being constantly innovative (their words), jaw dropping (our words) and it won't be long till they proffer up a rabbi saying, "Bacon, it's tasty - just sayin'".

  2. You're a genius...

    My contributions to the advertisement world:

    "Water, it's wet - just sayin'"
    "Sun, it lights - just sayin'"
    "Moon, it's made of green cheese - just sayin'"