Friday, May 24, 2013

Home Selection - Home and Garden Expo 2013

Second post about some items from all I've checked out from the Home and Garden Expo items. This time, the "home selection" :-)

First one is this "Dragon Caged" item from The Dark Fae (previously, Curvasive). Creatures of the darkness have homes too, and Corvie has a nice selection of items for them (and for everybody else.)

Full permission creators are also in the Expo! (Like myself)

I've quickly made a prim-basket to show one of the "Wicker Textures" that Samantha Zwicked (Zwicked Textures) has prepared for the Expo. I say it looks quite good :-)

Please remember to check the licenses when you purchase full permission/copy-transfer items!

Now I want to show the three items I've used to compose this nook:

On one side, we have this gorgeous "Bitter Walnut Grandfather Clock" from Roawenwood:

I prefer how it looks at night (the picture following), but on the previous picture you can see better the details. It keeps the current SL time, moving the handles, and on click, will whisper the time in local chat.

Then we have this fun "Fire Escape Shelf" from Park Place. Now my books can run for their life if there's a fire! :-)

And finally this cute "Ladder Shelf" with accessories from Cobblestone:

It's less than one hour for the Expo to open!

Should you decide to visit, here you have all the taxis:

Home & Garden Expo - Sim 1
Home & Garden Expo - Sim 2
Home & Garden Expo - Sim 3
Home & Garden Expo - Sim 4
Home & Garden Expo - Sim 5
Home & Garden Expo - Sim 6
Home & Garden Expo - Sim 7
Home & Garden Expo - Sim 8
Home & Garden Expo - Sim 9

Breedables Fair 1
Breedables Fair 2

The Expo will close on June 2nd. Have fun! :-)

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