Friday, May 24, 2013

Garden Selection - Home and Garden Expo 2013

I know I'm quite far from what could be called a "professional blogger" (whatever that means anyway.) However, since I finished my display with time enough, I popped at the platform where we were putting out the gifts for the bloggers, looked around the shelves, and thought "perhaps I could post a few pictures myself."

In this first post I want to show what tickled me the most from the garden items I've checked out.

First is this beautiful and peaceful "Cherry Blossom Place" from Two Moon Gardens.

It has a beautiful seat in the middle. It's using an old sitter system with many scripts, but the good news is, the objects are modify, so we can replace this by our own sitter system if we so wish :-)

Then, I've liked this garden cafe table and chairs set from What Next:

The tray dispenses some wearables when clicked (upon menu choice). Don't forget to add instead of wearing if, like I do, you have mesh hands on :o)

Last but not least is this "Fancy Schmancy Fleurs" from Meadow Works:

In fact, this has been my favorite-favorite from all the garden items I've checked out. It's a beautiful, evocative and dreamy piece. The menu messages to select how many butterflies you want have also made me smile. Well done, Garvie!

That's it for now. I hope having some more pictures after having had lunch :-)

The Expo opens today at Noon!

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