Sunday, June 9, 2013

My first day without you

A couple of weeks ago, I was reviewing notecards while sitting at home, in a night WL, and a little story started to shape in my mind. I like how SL makes it easy to create short stories. I wish I had more time for it. Anyway, and although I am aware, it's not a great one, I retouched a bit the snapshots I was taking, and added the text in them.

So here it is, the graphic story, "My first day without you".

Click here for the story, published in The Night Corner


  1. Awesome pictures. Love that top one, looks you are waiting for someone.
    Nothing wrong with retouch it's just shows your artistic side.

    Do you always put snaps here on your blog ?
    I hope you do, putting them on SL website makes them go away as time goes by.

  2. Thank you... :-)

    Yes, I prefer using the blog and the Flickr account for the pictures. I don't upload many (because I don't have much time for it), but I prefer to have them here too.