Saturday, March 29, 2014

Insanity (Art exhibit)

Insanity is an inspiring art exhibit. It presents a suggestive scenario, open to interpretation and to creating your own stories. I'm so saturated of the mainstream "cutesy", that the visit has been healing, in some levels. Don't get me wrong: I like cute, even on the silly side. But there's just so much I can take of it. So I went to visit this place, I made up a dark and depressing tale, and I ended up happy as a kid in a candy store with budget enough as to develop cavities.

Now, of course, it's time of putting all the pictures together, reviewing the text in case I want to add/correct something, and be happy again. Happiness is sure a good thing. You all should try it, if you haven't already :-)


"So you want to learn how it is the descent to darkness? You've come to ask to the most appropriate one. But I have to warn you of something: Should you decide to follow that path, beware that the deeper you are in the darkness, the lonelier you'll find out you've ever been."

"It may start as a slight disappointment. You suddenly realize that you cannot trust as you wanted, and slowly it turns into a way to resentment."

"Resentment twists the way you perceive the world. Your emotions are intensified. A small gesture, regardless of intention, is deformed into a threatening situation that will attack you, will attack you... And why nobody else can see it?"

"Laments about the world being against you, sure are strange creatures. They are attracted to other laments, but even though they share the same space and tend to be quite of a crowd, none of them is actually listening but to the constant whining of their own minds, minds that, at this stage, have crossed the first door that puts them further from a rational view of the world."

"It will happen. You will eventually bite and push away the few ones that still try to help you at that point. Sooner or later you will scream why nobody gives a damn for your feelings. The slam in the door as they leave you behind is the sound that your mind will do when it finally abandons all sanity."

"Look at yourself. Now. Tied to your altered emotions, the only that's left after all you've destroyed. Was it worth the loss? Still, you have a last chance. Will you cover your eyes too with your current ties, or will you use the keys that were always within you? It is your last chance to decide, and there's not much time left. If you don't use the keys, your mind alone will close your eyes to reality, forever. There's no way back."

"How do I know all this, you ask? It's a good question. But, see, I am just a storyteller. How else could I know?"

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