Monday, March 17, 2014

Cover book challenge: The neverending scripting

Normally I don't participate in these, but this time I had a couple of minutes free (plus, the idea came straight to my mind), so what the heck, this is my cover book for Strawberry Singh's meme, Second Life Book cover meme. It doesn't take knowing too much of me, to figure out why everything in this cover :-)


Original book: The neverending story
Fonts used: Bistream Vera Serif Bold (Title), Delphine (Author)

Skin: Lulu (Jamaica) - Glam Affair
Shape: My own
Hair: Gaia - Truth
Slink Hands (Relaxed) - Siddean Munro
Slink Medium Feet - Siddean Munro
Frill Bikini Top (Coral) - G Field
Yoga Pants (Black) - Rebel Hope
R prop with equation and pose, DREAMING set - My own (Black Tulip)


  1. I am totally in love with that pose! Yes, I splashed out on the entire set at the Surreal Complex :)

    1. *blushes*

      I'm glad you like it :-)
      (I have a copy of that one in my work platform. When I have to think hard, I hop on it :o) )

  2. I like it too...I get into enough trouble with 'normal' program things in sl so can imagine scripting is near on impossible.