Saturday, March 1, 2014

Delusion (Revisited) - Twisted Spring is here!

Twisted Hunt is here again. This edition's theme is Magick. My gift is a magick symbol, according to Wikipedia's picture, where the avatar summons an entity while a particle effects displays.

This year I haven't had the time to develop a complete story, as I did a year ago, but still, I hope the gift is representative enough of the places where my mind seems to like wandering. I am perfectly aware that fantasy is not reality. I can enjoy fantasy as fantasy, knowing that reality is a very different animal (in ways that you can never foresee.)

To make up for it, I'm now publishing the story accompanying last year's gift. I have a soft spot for this piece, and I will be remaking it in mesh, with new textures, making of it an interactive part of the sim. Anyway, following, there's the story as hunters received it in a HUD, to follow what was happening in the actual build:

Click here for the story, published in The Night Corner

Twisted Hunt is here!

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