Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I've changed my mind: Blender books available in Marketplace

It happens. When you take a decision, you do in the belief that will be the best thing for you. But life can tell you that perhaps it would be a good thing to reconsider. And that I've just done with the decision I took of not publishing the Blender books in Marketplace. I've changed my mind, and they're all available in Marketplace. Of course, since it's a long course, more books will be added as I continue teaching and then working all the material. I've not finished with this course, nor I think it's a topic one can really "end" with.

I no longer feel I have to protect myself from the situation that led me in the first place to decide not to make them available there. Although I continue to be disappointed to the extreme, I'm in peace with myself. If somebody has something to hide (like the sources of information), that person sure is not me.

Enjoy the books. I hear people like them :-)

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