Sunday, November 24, 2013

Writing for Fusion magazine

A couple of months ago, a new SL magazine saw the light, Fusion. I'm quite excited of having joined as a writer, and I'll try to approach to the average SL user, the most technical (but necessary) parts, among many other topics I have in mind. November's issue contains my first participation, under the title "Turn off the lights".

My philosophy, as I explain there, is quite simple: The world of SL is a big place with many different people and tastes, so learning the tools that allow us to minimize exposure to what we do not like, will be always beneficial for us. And, as I say there, It's my wish that these tips will help you enjoy your SL.

Check this month's issue to learn more :-)

There are also inworld kiosks from where you can subscribe. I've placed one inside my store, Black Tulip.


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