Monday, November 25, 2013

The dance of the young widow

«The dance of the young widow.

Twirling alone every night,
pondering over crossing that door
and making the pain to stop.»

The dance of the young widow, in Flickr
(Text as a part of the image - Before I decided to add the word "alone".)

I'm asked at times, after one of my dark pictures sees the light, if I feel okay, or if I'm exorcising any ghost from my past. Honestly, I never know what to answer. "Yes and no" don't seem to be accurate enough. "No and yes" present a similar issue. I'm not too open to publicly talk about my life. I'm not too open to privately talk about it either. My life is not that interesting.

What may be interesting to know is how I make these images. I choose one or a few songs, and play them repeatedly. I let the music talk to me, and it eventually tells me a story. During that process, my imagination starts to work, my mind, to explore a feeling, I begin selecting poses, and the result is a picture with a short story attached. If the image in my mind requires a specific setup which can't be created by the objects I have in inventory, then I create the poses and the props myself.

PS: For the curious, while I was working in the picture of this post, I was listening to I am the walrus.

Even with the lyrics, I have no idea what the song is about. Anyway, I consider it to be a great song. At times it's not about the message, but about the music.

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