Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I have lost an angel

I've been trusted the care of an angel, and I couldn't save its wings.

This story is also published in The Night Corner

It doesn't matter if they've been with me just one day, or hours. I can never get over the fact that at times, they won't make it, and will die under my care. And no amount of words, of "you did the best you could", will take away from my mind "what if I could have done something else to save them, if only I had known what."


Mesh body: Coco Doll (Bandage & Cut), from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)
Mesh hands: Coco Doll, Hands (1), from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)
Mesh ears: Coco Doll, Ears (Human), from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)
Mesh head: Coco Doll, Head 002A, from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)
Mesh eyes: Coco Doll, Eyes 002 (Blue), from Coco (Cocoro Lemon)

Hair: Felicity, Reds, from Truth
Corset: Orianna Lace Dress, Black (Coco Doll Size), from Zenith
Headpiece: Dahlia hat, black, from Baiastice
Necklace: Misha Dark Fairy, Chocker, from Maxi Gossamer
Wings: Eternity Wings, Carnal, from Remarkable Oblivion

Bird: Tweet companion, included with Newreem hair, from Ohmai Salon

Pose: I lost an angel - I've made it for this picture. I don't know yet if I'll add to a set or not. Oneword's next round word is, by coincidence, Angel, so maybe I will include it.

Windlight: [TOR] DUSK - Siennarel
Landscaping: Studio Skye, several kits; Turnip skydome

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