Saturday, May 9, 2015

Science as a candle in the dark

One of the persons that influenced me the most when I was a little girl was Carl Sagan. I barely remember the Cosmos TV series, but I remember the effect that watching that series had in me. He was an astrophysicist, and I would say that, above that, a lover of knowledge, of science. He was able to transmit this love for knowledge, which is almost as important as knowledge itself.

Today I was making a pose and a wearable prop that one of my bloggers suggested me, and while thinking of a name for it, the whole picture made me remember one of my favorite books: The Demon Haunted World: Science as a candle in the dark. This is a book from Carl Sagan, where he talks about science and pseudoscience.

Among others, Sagan explains in that book why pseudocience is always easier for us to accept. Pseudoscience seems to offer a magical and marvelous view of the world that science seems not to offer. Regardless of its truth value, pseudoscience sounds cool. How exciting our boring lives would be, if all those marvels were true, yes?

I've written that science "seems not to offer" that same magical and marvelous view of the world, in italics, because, like Sagan, I do not share that view. Science also offers an amazing view of the world, and which is better: this view of the world is based on evidence, while pseudoscience never offers such a thing. We can believe in fairies if we wish, but when it comes to the development of knowledge, science offers a reliable method to achieve it, while pseudoscience has been walking in circles for centuries without a piece of evidence to backup any of its claims. Otherwise, it would be called... Science.

Maybe I will develop on this in the future. Science has always interested me, and for reasons that don't matter now, I've also studied pseudocience. Why, if I claim that you can't obtain knowledge from it? Well, that's a long story, and certainly not a story to be told today.

For now, I'll wish you a great day :-)


Mesh body: Lara, from Maitreya
Mesh hands: Lara's hands, from Maitreya
Mesh feet: Slink High feet, from Slink
Mesh head: Lilith 2.0, from Genesis Lab
Ears: Lilith head ears, from Genesis Lab
Eyes: Lilith eyes, from Genesis Lab
Skin: Milk tone applier of the Lilith head

Hair: Felicity, Reds, from Truth

Dress: Persephone gown, from Pale Empress
Necklace: Severina, Medallion Collar, Red, from Pale Empress
Shoes: Persephone ribbon slippers, from Pale Empress
Wings: Eternity Wings, Aphrodisiac, from Remarkable Oblivion

Pose and wearable orb: Light in the dark, Black Tulip (mine), coming for The Countdown Room, May.

Windlight: Phototools- No Light

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